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By day Peter can be found studying the churches of London – you would spend your spare time hanging out on consecrated ground too… if you were at the sharp end of the Occult as often as Peter…

Adam welcomes the more sceptical London Walker with open arms, lacing his supernatural and paranormal tales with Earthly Horrors – execution, plague, fire… and cannibalism among them.

The Worshipful Company of Ghostologists

Livery Company No.666 – Established: Time Immemorial

Richard undertakes the onerous task of investigating the West End where some of our loveliest buildings hold the most gruesome truths in town…

Saturday Night is Duke of Darkness Night.

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New Blood is a rather unfortunate turn of phrase in our line of work… not only is Katy the newest member of the team, she pledges, in her tireless research, to find plenty of that same stuff: New Blood. Be afraid…

Tales of the ghoulish and the downright evil – just like revenge – are dishes best served chilled. Enter Angela, a storyteller par excellence with frontline experience of the paranormal.

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What brings a good guy like Andy to a wicked place such as London? More than that, what brings him into this realm of the undead? The truth, they say, is out there. If anyone can hunt it down on the Haunted London Walk, Andy is that man. Down these mean streets a man must go…

Russell. The First Mate. Crouching in the f’csle, stubbly with savvy. A Northerner, he calls a spade a spade. Which leads those of a scientific turn of mind to beg the question: why, therefore, does he tell gory ghost stories every Thursday night? Because they are all true. Every bloody word.

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